Install Hashicorp Vault on Kubernetes locally with PostgreSQL as the back-end storage

Hashicorp Vault is a well-known secrets management solution that supports many technologies like Kubernetes and databases. Vault also supports many storage backends like Consul and PostgreSQL.

In this post, we will install Vault on a local Kubernetes cluster with PostgreSQL as the back-end storage, so to do that, we will first install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin, then we will show how to install and configure Vault locally at the end.

If you don’t have a running PostgreSQL instance, install the Postgres helm chart :

Now, create the vaultdb database and init the vault’s schema.

The default credentials for pgAdmin’s…

We all know that AWS EC2 instances live within VPCs, more specifically, within AZs subnets. To secure VPC resources such as EC2 instances from accidental public access, AWS provides several layers of isolation. One scenario to access an EC2 instance is to equip it with a public IP address and configure a few things. So Let’s discuss how it works.

As said before, an instance belongs to a VPC subnet, and a subnet itself belongs to a VPC. To attain our instance, we have to cross the VPC boundaries first and then those of the subnet. An AWS VPC is…

I still remember the days where Component-Based Web Frameworks were the way for enterprises to thick-client applications. Those frameworks, like Struts and Java Server Faces (JSF), seem to be easier and adapted for rapid application development (RAD).

If that so, why want we just change things? that’s been said, in those days there was no front-end and back-end developers, there was mainly full-stack developers, designers, and integrators. The java web application was a monolithic web archive (WAR) or an enterprise archive (EAR) that will be deployed in most cases on an application server like JBoss or WebLogic.

So far, we…


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